Create Interactive Documents with Plain Text
Markdown + HTML + JS=Dynamic Documentation, Code Snippets, Simple Apps and Automations
Save Time By Doing Less Select Text, Copy, Paste, Find & Replace
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Widgets, Templates & Code Blocks
  • Get User Input
  • Display Info
  • Run JS Code
  • Easily Customizable
Simple Editor
  • So you don't have to remember the ugly syntax
  • Press / to quickly insert a block or a reference to a variable inside a template
  • Create a template block or a variable reference from selected text
Save as HTML Document
  • Stand-alone HTML Document with all the dependencies included
  • The HTML Document contains the original Markdown
  • Works in almost any web Browser
  • No Internet connection needed
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Documents Management
Custom License
More Widgets: Tables, Images, Graphs, Charts ...
React Components & External Libraries
Remote Runners & Automation
Export As PDF/Word
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